Redlands Flea Market Adventure with Abuela

My Abuelita has always been my favorite traveling companion whether going to the store to window shop or traveling to an entirely new country. She was always down for the adventure and gave me my love for traveling and saying fuck it let’s do it, hey what’s that! let’s try it. One weekend remains unforgettable, when she suggested, “Let’s head to Redlands; there’s a flea market en route.

And so we made our way towards US-1 to find this flea market she claimed existed and that she and Abuelito used to go to back in the day. And as we drove, we saw nothing.


I vividly recall the moment I turned to my lifelong co-pilot and inquired, “When was the last time you and Abuelito visited here?” She responded, “Oh, in the late 80s.” As we neared Homestead without a sign of the flea market, I glanced over, puzzled.“Wait a second, so you’re telling me you don’t know where it is exactly?”

And she responded, “…Oh, no I remember it’s between here and Homestead somewhere along the road on the right side….”

And for a split second, I questioned her sanity, and my dad maybe being right, maybe Abuelita is getting a little senile.

I busted out laughing.


“…So we’re off to find an imaginary flea market that may or may not exist on the right side of the road somewhere between here in Kendall and Homestead?…that you haven’t seen since the late 80s and you don’t’ remember exactly how to get there?….”

And my grandmother responded with, “…Oh, you’re just like your dad! What are you going to call me crazy and forgetful too?…”

And I glanced over at her again, and I lost it laughing and I said “No…” I laughed shaking my head “…worst case we get tacos in Homestead.”

And we drove, and let me tell you we drove and on the right side of the road changed into business, and empty parking lots, to thrift stores into fields and fields of just tall grass.

When all of a sudden on the right side, we started to see tons of parked cars and approached an entrance with banners and signs that Redlands Flea Market and it was like we entered an alternate universe and my PT cruiser was the time machine.

And I remember her smacking my hand and saying ” I told you!”

And I laughed saying ” You did...I am sorry for ever doubting you…” as we got out of the car and bought the most delicious Flor de Jamaica to make Hibiscus Tea purchasing a peppermint plant and exploring what everyone had to offer.


I took a lot of pictures that day, including video. But my favorite photo is when we sat down at a food truck and we were perusing the menu. That day I got to eat delicious Pupusas with my best friend.

Later that day we came home and recorded a video. That I swear I’ll find one day on how to make Nacatamales.

(Hung out and talked all day with this beautiful lady, we also made Nacatamales. March 12, 2015)

Directions to the Flea Market in the Redlands

If you enjoyed this story and are looking for an adventure whether you’re a Florida native or from out of town. The Redlands Market Village is definitely a wonderful place to explore and experience so many different foods. You SHOULD totally visit the Redlands Flea Market.

I cannot rant enough about the fresh Flor de Jamaica/Hisbiscus leaves they sell in the farmers market.

Redlands Market Village

24420 S Dixie Hwy.

Redland, FL 33032

[visit their website]

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