Celebrating Black Blues Artists (2019 – 2020)

In honor of Black History Month, I had the incredible opportunity to curate, research, and install an interactive exhibit celebrating Black Blues artists. The exhibit aimed to shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of 14 African-American Blues musicians to American music.

    • February 01, 2020


The process began with extensive research to uncover the stories and legacies of these influential artists. Delving into archives, historical records, and personal narratives, I sought to paint a comprehensive picture of their impact on the music landscape.

Drawing upon this research, I curated a collection of artifacts, photographs, and audio recordings that showcased the talent and creativity of these musicians. From iconic instruments to rare concert posters, each item was carefully selected to illustrate the enduring legacy of Black Blues artists.

One of the key features of the exhibit was an interactive listening station, where visitors could immerse themselves in the sounds of old recordings. This allowed them to experience firsthand the raw emotion and power of Blues music, while also gaining insight into its historical and cultural significance.

Additionally, I curated a Spotify playlist that provided users with a sampling of the direct impact these Blues artists had on contemporary musicians. From Hip Hop to Pop, the playlist highlighted the enduring influence of Blues music on a wide range of genres and artists.

Throughout the installation process, I worked closely with colleagues and stakeholders to ensure that the exhibit met the highest standards of authenticity and accessibility. Their support and feedback were invaluable in bringing the vision for the exhibit to life.

In the end, the interactive exhibit served as a powerful tribute to the enduring legacy of Black Blues artists and their profound impact on American music. It was a testament to their resilience, creativity, and cultural significance, and a celebration of their contributions to our shared musical heritage.


Below you will find photographs of the actual exhibit that was put on display from 2019-2020 Celebrating Black Blues Artists. This exhibit featured unique items from the collection showcasing Black Blues musicians, along with a touch and listen portion on an oversized monitor highlighting different musicians highlighted in the cases alongside their recordings creating an interactive portion to the exhibit itself.