Craving a Chicago Hot Dog & The Bean: Post-COVID Wishes

I dreamed of a Chicago Hot Dog & The Bean in Chicago, IL, and at that time, my job flew me out there to pick up a record collection.

Recently with my grandma leaving for outer space, I’ve realized that sometimes if not always in life the best memories are the small things.

I’m on a hunt for a video I never posted of me and my Abuela making nacatamales and her talking through the process. And I stumbled across pictures I took in the downtown Chicago park that sits right in front of the Contemporary Art Museum.

I remember, I didn’t have much to explore the city – just the day or really just a couple of hours before we had to head back to the airport, so we snuck in the important things. Hot dogs in the park and an art museum.

My co-worker thought I was silly when I said, let’s go to the park to eat a Chicago hot dog, as we got hot dogs, it felt like the perfect tourist experience. So we sat down in the park downtown to enjoy these dogs before we went for REAL dinner.


Despite not being able to go to The Bean due to fog, I am so happy I got this giant panorama in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago.

As an art history nerd, I’m always down to explore a museum. And the museum honestly did not disappoint in the slightest bit and we recommend visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago if you’re ever there for a quick visit and sit down in the park and enjoy a Chicago hot dog.

I loved the parking garage, it featured tons of quotes one from one of my favorites, Jim Henson.

Small Things in Big Places

If you asked me right now, where would you like to visit post covid?

For me, I am dreaming of another trip to Chicago with a hotdog in the park, but also a trip to see The Bean to see what all the rating and raving is about.

Where would you like to explore once the pandemic is over, let us know in the comments below.

Stay Awesome,


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