Do You Suck AT Promoting Your Art? – Try Crowdfire!

Struggle with promoting your art? Meet Crowdfire! Discover how a ‘passive-aggressive robot’ can boost your sharing game. 🎨 Here’s a tip for the Shy Creative. 

First things, first! I am the worst at promoting my art, I think if I had just started doing it sooner I would be a lot further than where I am right now, but the most important part is starting, right?

So it’s 2020 and everyone’s creating an online shop of some kind because they think it’s easy. Reality is its TONS of hard work not just on the business end but also figuring out things about yourself. Most importantly, it’s discovering where you struggle as a creative or entrepreneur. It’s being honest with yourself when it comes to your art and selling it and what you completely suck at.

Struggles of the Creative 

For me, it’s promoting my shit. I have always been more about organic growth and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with the motto well if they search for it they’ll find it. I’ve never been too pushy when it came to sharing my Etsy shop on social media, which may be sort of my downfall. But I’ve been working on it these last two years. While I’m still forever the forgetful artist I also realized I was doing a disservice to myself by not putting my stuff out there myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I had gotten into the habit on YouTube that every time I uploaded a video I would schedule a tweet to go out about the video which they later removed. When it came to my other social media and my shop I wasn’t actively pushing my content out there. And this is sort of how I got into the habit of sharing my art, creations, and writing/blog posts. And it was honestly by being poked by a passive-aggressive robot within a social media scheduler.

Do You Suck AT Promoting Your Art? – Try Crowdfire!

Crowdfire is honestly one of the tools that I used to help me get over the fear of sharing my shit. And all it took was having an automatic messenger or what I like to refer to as a robot telling me what I’ve done lately and how I should be sharing with the people. It pops up in text message form acting all friendly, kind of saying I dare you to share that.

Not only does the Robot share it for you, but you can also schedule or allow the app to pick a time when it feels best to share the content across all the social platforms you’d like to share across. What I love about this app is you load all your social media including blog sites and Etsy shop and as soon as something new pops up your robot friend lets you know.

I’ve been using this app for the last few years and it has helped me not only share my content but help me find articles that are of interest to me and the people that view my content and keep up to date with current events in my niche.

Pros and Cons of Crowdfire

This review is based solely based off only using the free version of this tool. Perhaps later on down the road, when we grow further we might rethink this. But it works perfectly with us using the Free version based on the output we currently have which as someone starting Free, is just fine.

With the free version, you can only schedule so many posts ahead of time. I rather like this because I treat the limitation in scheduling in the free version as my quota for the day so as not to schedule way too far in advance that it’s no longer engaging, but that’s just me.

If you’re shy or struggling with sharing your content, definitely give Crowdfire a try. I appreciate my Passive-aggressive Robot who I’ve affectionately named Debbie AFTER Fester’s wife Haha! – I like to imagine she’s yelling these things at me reminding me of the things I create and how I need to share it.

Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favorite social media content schedulers out there or some of your favorite social media tools out there.

I would love to know.

Stay Awesome,


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