How to Track Your Etsy Packages with Global Shipping!

Recently, I almost had the freak out of a lifetime regarding my Etsy shop.

Any Etsy owner’s nightmare! A package hasn’t arrived or it has gone missing. For me it happened to be that I had mailed off a limited edition zippered pouch I had created to Austria and then about 2-3 weeks later got a message from my customer asking politely where the bag was as Etsy told her it was still in limbo in Miami, FL.

Well, after many Etsy forums complaining later, I found the answer and I thought I’d share the wealth on how to Track Your Etsy Packages with Global Shipping and spare you the full-on panic if you’ve mailed off one of your one-of-a-kind creations using Etsy’s Global Postal Shipping.

For help finding where your package has ended up, you must have used Etsy’s Global Postal Shipping Option.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Track Your Etsy Packages with Global Shipping!

1. First things first, go to the order you want to look into – head over to your Etsy Dashboard and locate the purchase you want to inquire about.

2. Under the shipping section, you will want to click for more information.

3. Once here – Scroll down until you find the Customs ID.

4. Then copy whatever code you are given in this section.

5. Now to visit a Global Postal Shipping website to track your order.

Visit the link –

6. Click Track your Parcel.

And paste the code into the site and this will help you figure out where your package is.

This website is extremely useful, especially if you’ve had a customer recently reaching out to you during Covid19 regarding packages sent outside the United States or vice versa. I recently found out that Etsy’s tracking outside the United States isn’t as what you see as what you get as they make it seem.

While it tracks the package up until the Global Postal Facility it does not provide information in regards to where it is once it arrives at their facility. This is where the Globegisticsinc website comes into play.

Opinion of Etsy’s Global Shipping

Etsy, when implementing features to help business owners should really consider the front-end interface and what shop owners may need in order to provide contact support to their customers.

While implementing new features they should really evaluate how these items may be used in the front-end user experience before just implementing features just expecting them to work.

This could just be the implementation of a link where tracking information is provided to the owner and purchaser by providing a simple link to their Global Postal Shipping provider where one can check on their order if embedding their global shipping system into their platform is beyond their structural interface.

Anyway, that was a nerdy rant. lol

I hope this information helped you in tracking your package. If it did, feel free to share the wealth with other Etsy shop owners if you found this information useful!

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