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Magical Car I thought I Imagined

Once upon a time, I saw a Magical Car I thought I Imagined – It had these awesome crazy beautiful colors, but I had the worst luck ever in capturing it. For months people thought I made it up until mothers day 2013 when I saw it parked outside Michaels. As my dream came true, a guy in a pick-up truck passing by shouted, “I feel sorry for your children and hope they don’t turn out like you…”

While my happy dance was shattered momentarily. I noticed the lady covered in tattoos with a mohawk and two kids walking up to the car. And I saw this strong woman with a giant big smile turn into a frown. It made me really angry inside that we live in a world where people feel so free…didn’t your mother teach you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it all?

As I got close, I heard her say… “why would he say that? He doesn’t know me”…as she loaded her car. I stopped dead in my tracks next to her car and struck up a conversation saying, “I love your car, did you do it yourself…” asking her a million questions…and I remember her cute curly-haired daughter who must have been 6 ranting about how her Mommie did it all herself. And it’s what she does for a living.

Their mom was nice enough to talk to me about her car and the parts she needed to redo because like all artists we’re never satisfied. I remember high-fiving that kid after 10 mins of chitchatting and letting that mom know she’s awesome and I hope that her children are even more awesome creative geniuses than she. I love how she let me photograph her car from all sides.

But I find it funny the photo before we met is my favorite. And people if you read this far, piece of advice… Think before you act. Just because you can hide behind a screen or a car doesn’t reserve you the right to be an asshole.

When I stop to look at this photo, I’m just happy I was there and helped change a moment. And got to meet the artist behind the car.

Magical Car I Thought I imagined from July 31, 2013

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