Mastering Restream: How do I see alerts on Restream?

From time to time, websites love to make changes and sometimes you get frustrated so you decide to make a blog post, so you have a friendly reminder hidden in your archives so you can always find it…

Or is that just me? Haha.

I really love the live streaming service offers. It’s really straightforward to use, and I love how I just have to hit one button to start streaming in OBS while connected to three platforms at once.

My only frustration is their updates from time to time, where they remove features you’re used to seeing and doing in your workflow before a stream. For me, it just happens to be the social-alerts button that used to be featured under their title update section.

A few weekends back as I was getting back into the flow of things and about to Livestream,  I realized the Social Alerts link was gone again.

And as I went to click the chat/contact messenger button on their website to inquire, I found a pleasant surprise. There’s a chat history that allowed me to locate the chat I had previously and get the link right away.

And I managed to update my social alerts with no issue.

As someone who only uses the service’s free features, I am thoroughly impressed with the level of service and how their system is now automated to help you right away, giving you the link instead of having to ask someone.

But I will say they also have some really awesome customer service should you need to talk to a human.

So in case you’ve been frustrated lately like me unable to find your social alerts section to update your social media post within here’s the link.

NOTE – Make sure you have an account and are logged in – in order to use the link.

And feel free to let me know, what’s one of your favorite tools to use while live streaming?

Stay Awesome,


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