Releasing my first book! – How to turn your Doodles into Outlines!

I am so excited to share that later on today, we released our first guide/book on how to turn your doodles into outlines.

Learn how to take your drawings to the next level!

Have you ever wondered how to convert your drawings into outlines? Now you can!

In this guide, learn how to take your drawing in Photoshop or GIMP regardless of what software you choose and turn them into outlines that can be then used as digital assets to use in your thumbnails and other creations!

      In this guide, How to turn your Doodles into Outlines!

You will receive:
Step by Step Photoshop Guide
Step by Step GIMP Guide
21 Digital Assets (Ready to Use)
Guide Materials (Scans & PSD File)

You can purchase your book at the link below!

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