Recorded Sound Archives Presentation (2015)

In 2015, I had the opportunity to present a poster session at the Seflin Conference, showcasing the revamped website and media manager of the Recorded Sound Archives. The focus of the presentation was on the newly completed Sound 'n Scores project, which was a significant milestone for our team.

    • July 13, 2015


The poster session provided a platform to highlight the features and improvements of the revamped website and media manager. Through visuals and demonstrations, I illustrated how the updates enhanced user experience and accessibility, making it easier for patrons to explore and engage with the archive’s collections.

A key highlight of the presentation was the Sound ‘n Scores project, which had been recently completed. This innovative initiative allowed users to access old recordings while simultaneously viewing the corresponding sheet music, providing a valuable resource for researchers, educators, and enthusiasts alike.

As part of the poster session, I shared insights into the development process of the Sound ‘n Scores project, discussing the challenges, successes, and lessons learned along the way. I also had the opportunity to interact with conference attendees, answering questions and exchanging ideas about the project and its implications for the field.

The poster, created in 2015, served as a visual aid, complementing my presentation and providing additional context and information for attendees. It was a collaborative effort, with input from colleagues and stakeholders to ensure that the content effectively communicated the goals and accomplishments of the project.

Overall, the poster session was a valuable opportunity to share our work with the broader library and information science community. It was a rewarding experience to showcase the impact of our efforts and to engage with peers who shared our passion for preserving and promoting sound recordings.