Sound ‘n Scores Presentation -2015 - cantors association presentation

Sound ‘n Scores Presentation (2015)

In June 2015, I had the privilege of delivering a presentation at the Association of Cantors Assembly Conference in Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL. Collaborating with the Director, our aim was to provide insight into the Recorded Sound Archives, with a particular focus on the Sound 'n Scores project that we had recently completed.

    • Association of Cantors Assembly Conference
    • June 30, 2015

About Sound ‘n Scores Presentation

During the presentation, the Director spoke about the Recorded Sound Archives as a whole, offering attendees a comprehensive overview of its mission, collections, and significance. Meanwhile, my role was to showcase the Sound ‘n Scores project and its impact on cantorial students.

The Sound ‘n Scores project was a groundbreaking initiative that allowed cantorial students to access old recordings while simultaneously viewing the corresponding sheet music. This innovative approach provided students with a unique opportunity to study and analyze historical performances in conjunction with the musical notation, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the material.

In my presentation, I highlighted the features and benefits of the Sound ‘n Scores project, sharing examples of how it had transformed the learning experience for cantorial students. I discussed the technical aspects of the project, as well as the pedagogical implications and future directions.

The presentation was well-received by attendees, who expressed enthusiasm for the Sound ‘n Scores project and its potential to revolutionize cantorial education. It was gratifying to see our hard work and innovation recognized and appreciated by colleagues in the field.

Overall, the experience of presenting at the Association of Cantors Assembly Conference was both rewarding and humbling. It provided an opportunity to share our passion for preserving and promoting Jewish music heritage while also showcasing the innovative work being done at the Recorded Sound Archives.