Judaic Sound Archives – Tshirt Design – 2011

JSA T-Shirt Design (2011)

Back in 2011, I had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a T-shirt design for the Judaic Sound Archives. It was an exciting project that aimed to show appreciation to donors of the organization while also promoting awareness of the archive's mission and collections.

    • DESIGN


The T-shirt design process involved collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders to develop a concept that captured the essence of the Judaic Sound Archives. We wanted the design to be visually appealing and reflective of the archive’s dedication to preserving Jewish music heritage.

After brainstorming ideas and refining concepts, we settled on a design that incorporated elements such as musical notes, vintage record players, and the archive’s logo. These visual elements were chosen to symbolize the richness and diversity of the archive’s collections.

Once the design was finalized, the T-shirts were produced and distributed as gift items to donors of the organization. It was a gesture of gratitude for their support and a way to recognize their contributions to the preservation of Jewish music heritage.

In addition to the T-shirts, donors also received a compilation CD featuring recordings from the archive’s collections. This added element provided donors with a tangible representation of the archive’s mission and the impact of their support.

The combination of the T-shirt and compilation CD proved to be a successful way to engage donors and raise awareness of the Judaic Sound Archives. It was a meaningful gesture that helped strengthen relationships with supporters of the organization and fostered a sense of community among those who shared a passion for preserving Jewish music heritage.

Looking back, it was a rewarding experience to be part of a project that celebrated the work of the Judaic Sound Archives and showed appreciation to those who supported its mission. The T-shirt design served as a visible reminder of the archive’s important work and the dedication of its supporters.