Living in America CD Cover Design (2012)

I had the opportunity to work on the CD cover design for a compilation disc released by the Judaic Sound Archives. This project involved creating both the front and back covers, along with designing the track listing.



For the front cover, I wanted to craft an image that would immediately capture attention and convey the essence of the music contained within. Drawing inspiration from the cultural significance of the recordings, I carefully selected imagery and typography to evoke the mood and spirit of the music. It was important to me that the cover not only looked visually appealing but also resonated with the audience on a deeper level, reflecting the importance of the Judaic tradition and its musical heritage.

On the back cover, my goal was to provide essential information about the compilation, including details about the tracks featured on the disc. I meticulously arranged the track listing, ensuring it was easy to read and navigate for listeners interested in exploring the content further. Additionally, I included any relevant background information or credits to provide context and credit to the performers and contributors involved in the project.

Throughout the design process, I remained mindful of the importance of the music and the role it played in preserving cultural heritage. It was a collaborative effort, with input from various stakeholders to ensure the final product accurately represented the essence of the recordings. Ultimately, I aimed to create a CD cover that not only served as a visual representation of the music but also honored the traditions and stories behind it, inviting listeners to embark on a meaningful journey through sound and culture.