Women Musicians Through Time Exhibit

Women Musicians Through Time (2017)

In 2017, I had the privilege of curating, researching, and installing an interactive exhibit that celebrated the contributions of famous and lesser-known women musicians. The exhibit, titled "Women Musicians Through Time," was a labor of love that aimed to shine a spotlight on the diverse talents and achievements of women in music.



Drawing upon recordings and objects from the FAU Libraries Recorded Sound Archives, as well as advertisements and articles from the Library of Congresses’ “Chronicling America” database, the exhibit offered a comprehensive look at the lives and legacies of these remarkable artists. From jazz pioneers to rock icons, each woman featured in the exhibition played a unique role in shaping the history of music.

The exhibit was designed to be interactive and engaging, with multimedia displays, interactive timelines, and hands-on activities that allowed visitors to explore the artists’ stories in depth. Through curated playlists, visitors could listen to recordings of the featured musicians, immersing themselves in the sounds and styles that defined their careers.

One of the key objectives of the exhibit was to highlight the influence that these women had on musicians of today. By showcasing key moments in their careers and the cultural contexts in which they lived and worked, the exhibit aimed to inspire and educate visitors about the enduring legacy of women in music.

As curator of the exhibit, I worked closely with colleagues and stakeholders to ensure that the content was accurate, engaging, and accessible to all visitors. It was a collaborative effort that required careful research, thoughtful curation, and creative design.

In the end, the “Women Musicians Through Time” exhibit was a celebration of women’s contributions to music history and a testament to the power of storytelling and curation in preserving and promoting cultural heritage. It was a privilege to be part of bringing these incredible women’s stories to life and to share their music and legacies with the world.