Wisebearded Gaming Logo (2021)

I had the exciting opportunity to develop branding for Wisebearded Gaming, a gaming channel and website. My responsibilities included crafting a custom logo and designing a basic website to host gaming-related content and discussions.

    • LOGO
    • Photoshop, Paper, Pencil, Ink, Digitally colored
    • Wisebearded Gaming
    • July 23, 2023


For the logo, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of gaming while embodying the unique personality of WiseBearded Gaming. After brainstorming and sketching concepts, I created a distinctive design that merged elements of gaming culture with a sense of wisdom and experience, reflected in the “bearded” aspect of the brand.

Building the website was a fulfilling endeavor. I focused on creating a user-friendly platform that would serve as a central hub for gaming enthusiasts. Leveraging my web development skills, I crafted a clean and intuitive website layout, facilitating easy navigation and exploration of gaming content.

In addition to gaming-related articles and discussions, I integrated features to accommodate broader interests, ensuring the website appealed to a diverse audience. Whether visitors sought gaming tips, reviews, or community engagement, WiseBearded Gaming aimed to provide a welcoming space for all.

Throughout the process, I solicited feedback from fellow gamers and stakeholders to ensure the logo and website resonated with their expectations. Their input helped shape the final branding elements, ensuring they authentically represented the WiseBearded Gaming identity.

In the end, the logo and website served as more than mere branding assets; they symbolized WiseBearded Gaming’s commitment to fostering a vibrant gaming community and providing a platform for gamers to connect, share experiences, and celebrate their passion for gaming.