CD Design Front Cover- 2011

RSA Compilation CD (2011)

The creation of this CD served a dual purpose: to promote recordings from the Recorded Sound Archives and to express gratitude to donors. It was conceived as a special gift for those who generously contributed to the archive, serving as a token of appreciation for their support.

    • Photoshop, InDesign


In my role, I took charge of designing both the front and back covers of the compilation CD. It was a task I approached with enthusiasm, knowing the significance of the project in acknowledging the generosity of donors and promoting the valuable recordings housed within the archive.

For the front cover, I aimed to create a design that would immediately captivate recipients and convey the essence of the music contained within. Drawing inspiration from the archive’s diverse collection, I carefully curated imagery and typography to evoke the spirit of the recordings and express gratitude to donors.

On the back cover, I ensured the inclusion of essential details about the compilation, such as the track listing and any additional information relevant to the recordings. It was important to provide recipients with a comprehensive overview of the CD’s content while also acknowledging their contribution to the archive’s mission.

Throughout the design process, I remained mindful of the importance of striking a balance between aesthetic appeal and conveying heartfelt gratitude. It was a collaborative effort, with input from various stakeholders to ensure the final product effectively communicated appreciation to donors while also promoting the archive’s valuable resources.

Ultimately, the CD served as more than just a collection of recordings—it was a tangible expression of gratitude and a testament to the power of community support in preserving and promoting cultural heritage.