RSA Brochure (2016)

We embarked on a project to give the brochure for the Recorded Sound Archives a fresh look and feel. Recognizing the importance of this piece in showcasing the archive's collections and services, we set out to redesign it with a human touch.

    • PRINT
    • Photoshop, InDesign
    • FAU Libraries Special Collections


Our goal was to create a brochure that not only informed but also engaged and inspired readers. We wanted it to be more than just a catalog of holdings; we wanted it to tell a story, to spark curiosity, and to invite exploration.

To achieve this, we carefully considered the content and layout of the brochure. We curated captivating images and wrote compelling descriptions that highlighted the diversity and richness of the archive’s collections. We wanted readers to feel drawn in, to imagine themselves immersed in the sounds and stories preserved within the archive’s walls.

In addition to revamping the content, we paid close attention to the design elements. We chose colors, fonts, and layouts that were not only visually appealing but also reflected the archive’s identity and mission. We wanted the brochure to convey a sense of warmth and accessibility, welcoming readers to discover all that the archive had to offer.

Throughout the redesign process, we solicited feedback from colleagues and stakeholders, ensuring that the final product resonated with the intended audience. It was a collaborative effort, fueled by our passion for preserving and sharing the cultural heritage embodied in sound recordings.

In the end, the redesigned brochure was more than just a marketing tool; it was a reflection of our commitment to connecting people with the power of sound. It served as a gateway to the archive’s treasures, inviting readers to explore, learn, and be inspired.