RSA Brochure Design Outside – 2013

RSA Brochure (2013)

We put together a new brochure to showcase all the amazing collections housed in the Recorded Sound Archives, as part of our rebranding journey from the Judaic Sound Archives. This change was a big deal for us, as we wanted to better represent the wide range of materials we have and to connect with more people interested in recorded sound.

    • Photoshop
    • FAU Libraries Special Collections


Through this brochure, we wanted folks to get a glimpse of the incredible recordings we hold. They range from historical speeches and music performances to personal stories and radio broadcasts, offering a real tapestry of sound history. We hoped this would make our collections more accessible and exciting for researchers, educators, and anyone curious about sound’s role in our culture.

Our rebranding wasn’t just about a new name and logo. It was about reaffirming our commitment to preserving and celebrating these important recordings while embracing new ways to share them in the digital age. We wanted to show that we’re not just about preserving the past; we’re also about making it relevant and engaging for today’s audiences.

The brochure was a big part of this effort. It wasn’t just a piece of paper; it was a symbol of our renewed purpose and direction. It represented our dedication to being a leading institution in sound preservation and scholarship. We hoped it would be a catalyst for more people to discover and appreciate the incredible treasures we hold in the Recorded Sound Archives.


Below you will find the inside layout and outside layout of the brochure that was created to share the Recorded Sound Archives.