research-station-logo -2016

Research Station Logo (2016)

I had the opportunity to create a logo for the research section of the Recorded Sound Archives website. This project was an exciting endeavor that aimed to visually represent the research aspect of the archive's online platform.

    • LOGO
    • July 23, 2016


Crafting the logo involved a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. I wanted the logo to convey a sense of professionalism and authority while also reflecting the unique identity of the research section.

After brainstorming and sketching out ideas, I settled on a design that incorporated elements such as a magnifying glass and books to symbolize the research process. These visual cues were intended to evoke a sense of discovery and knowledge-seeking, aligning with the purpose of the research section.

The color scheme of the logo was chosen carefully to complement the overall aesthetic of the Recorded Sound Archives website while also ensuring visibility and readability across different devices and screen sizes.

Throughout the design process, I sought feedback from colleagues and stakeholders to ensure that the logo resonated with the intended audience and effectively communicated the mission of the research section.

In the end, the logo served as a visual anchor for the research section of the Recorded Sound Archives website, providing a recognizable and cohesive identity for users seeking to explore the wealth of resources available for scholarly inquiry and discovery. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to the branding and visual identity of such an important aspect of the archive’s online presence.