Recorded Sound Archives Social Content (2013 – )

From 2013 up to the present, our team has been dedicated to creating social content aimed at raising awareness about current and new collections within the Sound Archive. Our approach has been to engage our audience with a variety of content types, including fun facts, videos, and audio clips.


Below is a sampling of different social media posts that were created under our direction to highlight content within the Recorded Sound Archives to gain public interest, education on resources available and highlight different collections throughout the year.


Throughout this time period, our focus has remained consistent: to captivate and inform our audience through engaging and informative social media posts. We understood the importance of utilizing different formats to cater to diverse interests and preferences among our followers.

One of our key strategies was to leverage fun facts related to the collections, offering bite-sized pieces of information that piqued curiosity and encouraged further exploration. These facts provided intriguing insights into the historical significance and cultural relevance of the recordings, fostering a deeper appreciation among our audience.

In addition to fun facts, we also utilized videos to showcase highlights from the collections. Whether it was rare footage of performances or behind-the-scenes glimpses into the archival process, videos allowed us to bring the stories and sounds of the Sound Archive to life in a dynamic and engaging way.

Furthermore, audio clips played a crucial role in our content strategy, allowing us to share snippets of music and recordings directly with our audience. These clips provided a sample of the diverse range of materials housed within the Sound Archive, enticing listeners to explore further.

Our efforts in creating social content have been driven by a commitment to promoting the rich cultural heritage preserved within the Sound Archive. By sharing captivating content and fostering community engagement, we have been able to raise awareness and appreciation for the collections, ensuring that their legacy continues to resonate with audiences for years to come.