Recorded Sound Archives Promotional Slides (2013 – )

These slides were a vital component of the Recorded Sound Archives website, serving to spotlight new and existing collections, as well as to highlight new features, blog posts, and important announcements or closures.

    • DESIGN
    • FAU Libraries Special Collections


Crafting these slides involved a combination of creativity and strategic thinking. Each slide was meticulously designed to capture attention and convey key information effectively. From vibrant visuals to concise messaging, every element was carefully chosen to engage visitors and encourage exploration of the site’s offerings.

In addition to showcasing collections, the slides also played a crucial role in communicating important updates and messages to users. Whether announcing upcoming events, highlighting temporary closures, or sharing blog posts, the slides served as a dynamic and versatile tool for keeping visitors informed and engaged.

Creating these slides was a collaborative effort, involving input from various stakeholders across the organization. We worked closely together to ensure that the content was accurate, timely, and aligned with the overall goals and objectives of the Recorded Sound Archives.

Throughout the process, we continuously monitored engagement metrics and solicited feedback from users to refine and improve the slides. This iterative approach allowed us to optimize the effectiveness of the slides and ensure they resonated with our audience.

In the end, these slides were more than just a visual element on the website – they were a key component of our communication strategy, helping to drive engagement, promote awareness, and enhance the overall user experience. They played a vital role in showcasing the richness and diversity of the Recorded Sound Archives’ collections and offerings, while also keeping visitors informed and connected with the latest updates and developments.