Recorded Sound Archives – Display- 2014

Recorded Sound Archives Display (2014)

In 2014, our team embarked on a project to create a display that would showcase the three distinct collections housed within the Recorded Sound Archives department. The goal was to provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of the diverse range of materials available for exploration and research.



To bring the display to life, we utilized each shelf to highlight one of the three collections, using duplicate copies and surplus items from the archive to create visually engaging and informative exhibits. This approach allowed us to showcase a wide variety of materials while maximizing the use of available resources.

Careful thought was given to the layout and presentation of each collection, with an emphasis on creating a cohesive and visually appealing display. We curated items that exemplified the unique characteristics and significance of each collection, ensuring that visitors would gain a clear understanding of what they could expect to find within the archive.

Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with colleagues and stakeholders to gather input and feedback, ensuring that the display accurately represented the breadth and depth of the Recorded Sound Archives’ holdings. We also sought to create an interactive experience for visitors, providing opportunities for hands-on exploration and engagement with the materials on display.

The result was a vibrant and informative display that captured the attention of visitors and sparked curiosity about the collections housed within the Recorded Sound Archives. It was a rewarding experience to work on a project that showcased the richness and diversity of the archive’s holdings, and to share our passion for preserving and promoting sound recordings with the broader community.