Radiate FM – Website Layout

Radiate FM Website Design (2006 – 2009)

The concept driving this design was to focus specifically on the CD case, as it constituted the bulk of the music collection. Post-it notes were incorporated for the menus as a tribute to the review system employed to flag songs with profanity and rate the songs on the actual CDs as play-worthy.

    • DESIGN
    • Photoshop, Scanner, Post-it Notes, CD Case
    • Radiate FM (FIU College Radio Station)


We wanted to capture the essence of the CD era, where meticulously curated collections were housed in these iconic cases. By utilizing Post-it notes for the menus, we aimed to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the days when listeners would sift through physical albums, carefully selecting tracks to play.

Each Post-it note served as a miniature homage to the handwritten annotations and ratings that music enthusiasts would jot down on their CDs, adding a personal touch to their collections. It was a way to pay tribute to the rituals and practices that shaped our experience of music in the pre-digital age.

Moreover, the use of Post-it notes allowed for a tactile and interactive element in the design. Users could peel back the notes to reveal additional information or navigate through the menu options, creating a playful and engaging user experience.

Overall, the design sought to marry modern functionality with a nostalgic aesthetic, bridging the gap between past and present in a creative and meaningful way. It was a labor of love, driven by a desire to celebrate the tangible and tactile qualities of physical media while embracing the convenience and innovation of digital technology.