Origins of the Presidency (2018)

In 2018, I had the privilege of creating and designing an image for an exhibition on the Origins of the American Presidency. This project involved working with provided imagery as a basis for the linework and design.



The process began with careful study and analysis of the provided imagery, which served as inspiration for the initial concepts. Drawing upon this inspiration, I crafted several versions of the design, each iteration building upon the previous one. Through experimentation and refinement, I sought to capture the essence of the exhibition’s theme while exploring different visual approaches.

As the design evolved, I collaborated closely with stakeholders to gather feedback and insights. Their input was instrumental in guiding the direction of the project and ensuring that the final image effectively communicated the desired message.

Throughout the iterative process, I remained focused on creating a design that not only captured the historical significance of the exhibition but also resonated with visitors on a personal level. It was important to me that the image served as a compelling invitation for people to explore the origins of the American presidency and engage with the rich history it represented.

In the end, the finalized imagery stood as a testament to the collaborative effort and creative vision that went into its creation. By showcasing the various iterations and reworkings of the design, we were able to provide visitors with a glimpse into the meticulous work process behind the project, further enriching their experience of the exhibition.