Media Manager Design Icons (2013)

Back in 2013, I had the opportunity to create a series of icons for both the frontend of the Recorded Sound Archives website and the backend within the Media Manager. It was an exciting project that allowed me to combine my design skills with my passion for improving user experiences.

    • DESIGN
    • Adobe Illustrator, Pencil, Pen
    • January 02, 2013


The icons were intended to serve as visual cues for users, helping them navigate the website and media manager more intuitively. Careful attention was given to the design of each icon to ensure clarity and consistency across different sections and functionalities.

Working on this project required close collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders to understand the specific needs and requirements of both the frontend and backend interfaces. We brainstormed ideas, reviewed mock-ups, and iterated on designs until we arrived at a set of icons that effectively communicated the desired actions and functionalities.

In addition to creating icons for the frontend, I also developed icons for use within the Media Manager, the backend system used to manage the archive’s media assets. These icons were designed to be functional and user-friendly, helping administrators and staff easily navigate and manage the archive’s extensive collection of recordings.

Throughout the design process, I kept the end user in mind, striving to create icons that were not only visually appealing but also practical and easy to understand. Feedback from users and stakeholders played a crucial role in refining the designs and ensuring that they met the needs of both novice and experienced users.

In the end, the series of icons I created played an important role in enhancing the user experience of the Recorded Sound Archives website and Media Manager. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to the usability and accessibility of these platforms, and to help make navigating and managing the archive’s vast collection of recordings a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for all users.