There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island – Walt Disney – Library Social Media 2015

Library Social Media (2015)

Between 2014 and 2015, I played a role in generating content for a social media library. As part of a committee dedicated to social media, I collaborated with others to develop and publish content tailored to specific themes and days of the week.

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Our committee worked together to brainstorm ideas and plan out a content calendar that would ensure consistent and engaging posts. Each member, including myself, was assigned specific days or topics to focus on, allowing us to distribute responsibilities effectively and cover a wide range of content.

On my assigned days, I would create and share social media posts that aligned with the designated themes or objectives. This involved generating ideas, crafting compelling visuals and captions, and scheduling posts for optimal timing and reach.

Collaboration was key to our success, as we regularly met to review performance metrics, share insights, and brainstorm new ideas. We supported each other, offering feedback and encouragement to continuously improve our content and strategy.

Participating in the committee was both rewarding and challenging. It provided me with valuable experience in content creation and social media management, while also fostering teamwork and collaboration skills.

Looking back, I’m proud of the contributions I made to the social media library during that time. Together with my colleagues, we helped to create a vibrant and engaging online presence that resonated with our audience and supported the goals of our organization.

In the end, our collective efforts paid off, as the social media library became a valuable resource for our community, providing timely and relevant content that informed, entertained, and connected with our audience.