High Holidays CD Design – 2011

High Holy Days Compilation CD (2011)

The creation of this CD served as a promotional tool for showcasing recordings from the Judaic Collections within the Recorded Sound Archives. It was crafted as a compilation disc, featuring recordings that spotlighted musicians performing during the High Holy Days, offering a glimpse into the cultural and musical heritage preserved in the archive's holdings.



My role in this project involved designing both the front and back covers of the compilation CD. I worked to ensure that the design effectively conveyed the essence of the music and the significance of the High Holy Days within the Judaic tradition. It was a collaborative effort, drawing inspiration from the rich history and symbolism associated with these sacred occasions.

On the front cover, I aimed to create a visually striking image that would capture the attention of potential listeners. Through careful selection of imagery, typography, and color schemes, I sought to evoke the solemnity and reverence of the High Holy Days while also hinting at the musical treasures contained within the CD.

The back cover, meanwhile, presented an opportunity to provide additional context and information about the recordings featured on the disc. I crafted concise yet informative text that highlighted the significance of the music and provided insights into the performers and the historical background of the compositions.

Throughout the design process, my goal was to create a cohesive and compelling visual identity for the CD that would resonate with audiences and draw them into the world of the Recorded Sound Archives. By combining artistic creativity with a deep appreciation for the cultural significance of the music, I aimed to contribute to the promotion and preservation of these invaluable recordings for future generations to enjoy.