Coloring Pages for Hispanic Heritage Month (2020)

During the pandemic, I embarked on a creative project aimed at outreach and engagement by crafting a series of coloring pages. The goal was to provide virtual content that could be enjoyed from the safety of home while also educating about the artists featured on vintage recordings.

    • October 15, 2022


During the pandemic while working from home, we created coloring pages for Hispanic Heritage Month. Each coloring page was meticulously designed to showcase iconic images of the artists, along with brief snippets of information about their lives and contributions to music history. From legendary jazz musicians to trailblazing blues singers, the coloring pages served as a vibrant tribute to these cultural icons.

The project was driven by a desire to offer a creative and educational outlet during a challenging time. With many people spending more time indoors, the coloring pages provided a fun and relaxing activity that also fostered an appreciation for music heritage.

In addition to creating the coloring pages, I also developed accompanying resources and guides to enhance the experience. These included suggested coloring techniques, trivia questions, and links to additional resources for further exploration.

Throughout the process, I engaged with the community to gather feedback and insights, ensuring that the coloring pages resonated with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Their input was invaluable in refining the content and making it as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

In the end, the coloring pages served as more than just a creative project; they were a means of connection and expression during a time of isolation and uncertainty. By celebrating the stories and legacies of vintage recording artists, the project offered a sense of joy, inspiration, and cultural enrichment to all who participated.